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Opt Out or Opt Back In

Participation in NeHII is completely free. If any of your healthcare providers are particpating in the NeHII system, you are automatically enrolled in the system, and benefitting from all that it provides. If you decide to opt out of NeHII, you may not receive the best healthcare available, because your doctors may not have immediate access to important healthcare records. If you choose to opt out, don't worry! You can opt back into the system at any time. Most people across the state have chosen to stay in the system.

If you want to opt out, complete the form below. Remember, you can opt back in at any time!

Patient Opt Out or Opt Back In Form

NeHII Participating Providers

Currently there are over 1,400 hospitals, medical clinics, physicians, pharmacists, and various healthcare professionals participating across Nebraska. Click the link for a full listing read more...

How secure is my information?

NeHII knows that the security and privacy of patient health records is a real concern to most consumers, and it should be. That’s why NeHII includes a safe way for patient information to be stored and shared by doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. read more...

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