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NeHII Board of Directors


Mike Westcott, President                

Kevin  Conway, Vice President        

Pat  Bourne, Treasurer           


Michael Ash             

Deb  Bass                        

Stephanie  Daubert       

Kim Lammers

Calder Lynch

Mark Stastny

Stan Wiebe

Jeanette Wojtalewicz         

Delane Wycoff      

Wayne Young

Steven Zuber

Legal Counsel  -  James E. O'Connor, Baird Holm

NeHII Participating Providers

Currently there are over 1,400 hospitals, medical clinics, physicians, pharmacists, and various healthcare professionals participating across Nebraska. Click the link for a full listing read more...

How secure is my information?

NeHII knows that the security and privacy of patient health records is a real concern to most consumers, and it should be. That’s why NeHII includes a safe way for patient information to be stored and shared by doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. read more...

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