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NeHII stands for Nebraska Health Information Initiative. What does that mean? It is a system created to safely exchange health information in and around the state of Nebraska. The Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows providers and health insurers to see certain health, demographic and payment information in each other’s records, with no cost to the patient.

For example, participating doctors can quickly find specific health information, such as x-ray results, from other participating providers, free of charge to the patient. Doctors, hospitals or pharmacies can also easily verify insurance coverage by checking with participating health insurers. Those health insurers can also quickly get health information needed to process claims from the records of participating providers.

NeHII, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that includes health care providers, payers, and the state of Nebraska. NeHII's goal is to change health care by improving the community while securing private medical information, completely free of charge to the patient.

Please see the NeHII Security Policy for information on how secure information is shared.

NeHII Participating Providers

Currently there are over 1,400 hospitals, medical clinics, physicians, pharmacists, and various healthcare professionals participating across Nebraska. Click the link for a full listing read more...

How secure is my information?

NeHII knows that the security and privacy of patient health records is a real concern to most consumers, and it should be. That’s why NeHII includes a safe way for patient information to be stored and shared by doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. read more...

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